What do you think about this autograph found on internet ? 

Seller told is UACC and AFTAL dealer.

Thanks for your replies :)

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I have seen this one which is really nice with Becket authentificate.

Is it common to do lots of autograph by an actor at the same time ? I have seen a buyer selling 8 plates signed by Christopher Lloyd with becket certificate. I was suprised.

Lloyd does a lot of Cons. So it's not uncommon  to see someone with multiple items.

buy it for ''i thought'' around 75 dollar because it will not get any better than this...good luck.

Just kind of interested in what you members think of this Lloyd signature.

could be real but don't like the lloyd part of this autograph...there are some sellers who have lloyd autographs which are forgery's but it's hard to recognize. some sellers from the uk and one seller from russian federation are artists on making these. 

Thanks, Rob. I appreciate your input.

I believe this is authentic.  The Lloyd is a little rushed & unusual, but I believe it’s authentic.  I’ve met him several times at cons at his signature is *usually* very consistent. Take a look at my signed poster below for another authentic example. 

hello dellon, but the second ''L'' is much different than the one on mine and your poster and never saw it signed the way you see on the card that joe posted. 


did look again on the card and it looks like the ''P'' in christopher was repaired after signing?

Perhaps this is an earlier example of his signature? 

Thanks for your example, Devon. Nice signed poster, btw!



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