Hello from London uk

i have to say I stumbled across this informative website by chance. I am truly impressed by the level of advice and guidance. 

I hope someone can assist. I have been looking for a Christopher Reeve autograph for some time for a birthday gift. I came across this one. There is no cert of authenticity but having done some ‘homework’ it appears true but I am an amateur. Would someone kindly advise? I would be grateful. Thank you


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I’m well versed in many styles of Reece’s signature and this doesn’t match any of my exemplars. I would say it’s no good with certainty. 

Well I thought I would give this one last bash to find the gift. I found three sellers and would be grateful if you can give a thumbs up or down to any of these. If any of these don’t meet your approval I will wait for the right time. I have attached one picture and two links  many thanks again  



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The signed Topps card is likely genuine although the contrast is terrible and would make a poor investment. The 10x8 is not authentic imo. The matted signature seems a bit off to me.

Many thanks again. Ok this is my last attempt. The quest ends after this one. Hoping someone can assure me the photo attached has a genuine signature 

thank you. 

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Topps card is no good either, unfortunately. 

Unfortunately, Sush, none of these are good either. 

Thank you Bradford. I was pinning my hopes on the last one (red ink) as the seller seems to tick the right boxes in terms of credentials.  If you ever wish to release one of your collection items please do let me know. Thank you. 

Hi Bradford. 

Thanks for your continued help.  I have attached a photo of one which I did come across today. Any thoughts. ?  Thank you 

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Thanks, Bradford!

Sush, you can take his opinion to the bank. He's my goto person on Reeve.

Thank you very much for your help.  I actually met him many years ago in London in the Chelsea area. My mother took his autograph and lost it almost immediately! Thank you again. 

Thanks, Steve. Glad to help. 

I agree with Bradford as well.



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