Clint Eastwood's signature is one that, like other autographs, requires careful evaluation before making a purchase.  He's 82 now, so there very surely has been different variations of his signature.  I found some authentic-looking exemplars; feel free to share your in-person or any other example you may have acquired, past or present. Please try to upload images big enough to examine closely.



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It looks the one I posted yesterday which I had him sign in person last yes that seems to be the real deal like mine.



Hi Doug, did you not take any photos of clint signing your item because if that was me and maybe others would think to I would get some photos of him signing and a photo with the man if I was gonna take something for him to sign at the event.

This one looks like the typical secretarial to me.

That's what I was thinking too. But then what does that say about Doug's charity event item?

I believe I've found my answer about this Clint Eastwood signature, but I would appreciate the opinions of others. What do you think? Thank you so much in advance.



with eastwood beware that he has a ghost signer----his assistant does most the way to tell is if the last letter in the name slants down its fake

I've had this Clint Eastwood autographed picture for some years, but started doubting it's authencity after reading this discussions. What are your thoughts, is it authentic or a secreterial?

Appreciate all feedback. When in doubt it becomes useless to me, would be great to know what you experts think. Thanks!

Sec unfort

Any opinions whether this is authentic will be greatly appreciated. Seller have this Dirty Harry and also an Unforgiven poster signed at Warner Bros studio where he was working. Both poster are custom frame. Thank you.




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