Coach's Corner December 2014 auction LIVE for bidding! Presented by Lee Trythall & Scott Malack in Souderton, PA

A Walter Johnson baseball sold for $230,000 a few years ago. Here are two more offered this month...both with an inscriptions!

This OAL (Harridge) ball is in VG shape overall with aging evident and comes signed wonderfully in black ink across the sweet spot by this long-deceased hall of fame legend. Great legible signature with "Best Wishes" included and the rare beauty comes with a COA from R&S for authenticity with a retail value well into the thousands.

This vintage red-stitched ball is in F/G shape overall and comes signed across the sweet spot superbly in blue ink by this long-deceased HOFer with 8/2/41 included!! Very rare gem that comes with a COA from R&S for authenticity and retails into the 5-figures easily.

A Christy Mathewson baseball sold for $161,000 in 2008. 

This vintage red & blue laced ball is in G/VG shape overall and comes signed by this legend of the diamond wonderfully across the sweet spot in bold, black ink and this flamethrower has dated it from 1913!! The ball comes with a COA from R&S for authenticity and has a book value in the high 4-figures/low 5-figures easily. WOW

Christopher Morales passed this Walt Disney signed baseball with a cute drawing as the real deal! Chris, it's time for a new microscope!

This vintage Official American League (Harridge, President) baseball from Reach is cubed in G+ condition, with age and light soiling evident. It is hand-signed on a side panel in bold black fountain pen ink by one of the most innovative and creative minds in entertainment history, long-deceased icon, Walt Disney. This is a stunning signature, grading a legible 8, and included is a drawing of Disney's most famous character, Mickey Mouse, done in his own hand! The ball comes with a full photo LOA from court-qualified forensic science expert, Christopher Morales for authenticity purposes. A truly gorgeous example and a MUST OWN collector's item, valued well into the thousands!

JFK and Monroe signed baseball

This lightly used ball is Official from the 1950's and has Joe Cronin as the Commish. It comes seperate side panel signed in ink by both the balllplayer and his famous movie star wife, and a fair, honest overall grade would be about a 6. It is not bad, but it is not mint and bold either. What it is, is a must have celebrity couple signed ball, and value can be tens of thousands to the right owner.

Mike King Kelley! Another one!

This used Spalding ball reads "Official League" on it and has a cool leather cover on it. It comes black ink, sweet spot signed by the long gone HOF star and can be read from 13 feet away rather easily. It is a great HOF signature, value is thousands IF you can find one, and overall, and honest 5 is in order here.

This vintage ball has red stitching and is in G/VG shape overall with just toning/aging evident. It comes signed by this deceased hall of famer SUPERBLY across the sweet spot in black ink with the date from 1943 included. Comes fully certified authentic by R&S and valued WELL into the thousands.


This unique vintage red & blue laced ball is in G/VG shape overall and comes signed by these legends of history wonderfully across the sweet spot in bold, black ink!! The ball comes with a COA from R&S for authenticity and has a book value in the 5-figures easily. Babe has even included "hitting=homer 2" and Einstein "E=MC2" Great ball.

Were you changing the oil in your Ferrari with this Scott?

This original 1971 "Elvis Sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas" LP album is in VG condition, with light staining on part of the front. It is hand-signed in blue ball point pen ink by non other than the King Of Rock And Roll himself, the signature grading a legible 7. A fantastic collectors' item from the long-deceased rock and roll icon, and valued into the mid/high hundreds at least!

One of 24 lots with Beatles autographs this month!

This vintage cut is affixed to a pale green page from a collector's autograph book. The page is torn on the left hand side, but still has the affixed white cut fully intact, which is hand-signed in blue by Paul McCartney, and in black by Ringo Starr, George Harrison and John Lennon. Great looking signatures from all of The Fab Four here, Valued well into the thousands!

Not one, but 2 more Rickey/Robinson dual signed baseballs. I don't think I've ever seen an authentic one anywhere.

This vintage red-laced ball is in G/VG shape overall and comes signed by these legendary baseball legends who will go down in history as the color-barrier breakers and long-deceased HOFers gorgeously with the date of 7/14/49 included. The rare treasure comes with a COA from R&S for authenticity purposes and retails into the thousands++ easily.

This vintage ONL (GILES) ball has red stitching and is in G/VG shape overall with just toning/aging evident. It comes signed by these deceased hall of famers who are known together in the annals of history SUPERBLY across the sweet spot in black ink. Comes fully certified authentic by R&S and valued WELL into the thousands+++++.

No, this is not Bud Bundy. It's Scott Malack!

Here is Christopher Morales looking at one of many signed Beatles albums.

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LOT 720. The forger took the example off Freud's Wikipedia page and copied it. What a joke!

I just noticed the Babe Ruth and Einstein ss signed baseball. Just when I thought I have seen it all they come along and surprise me. Unreal!

I also like the two sharpies shown in the Morales photo. He keeps them close in case one of those ugly blank albums needs some markings put on them.

Chad, that Ruth Einstein dual signed baseball might be on Coach's Corner Top 10 Best. Look at the inscription Babe put on there as well "hitting=homer 2"

I can't help but wonder if some of these outrageously bad signed items are intentionally so. Super fresh ink and combinations and inscriptions that are comical. It could lead one to believe they are intentionally doing it almost as satire... and leave the door open to a defense of, "Of course the items are not authentic... who in their right mind would think they were? It's all a misunderstood joke."

Or maybe the "artist" is getting bored and this is his way of having some fun with it.

Here is a comically bad Apollo 11 signed baseball with a cute little moon and capsule drawing added. In my opinion, this is likely from the same person who did the Ruth + Einstein ball and other similar comedic gems.

I wouldn't hate what they do so much if they would just sell them as an "artist rendering" or "fantasy piece" of some sort. They have been in business a long time and people keep paying them. It is certainly a shame.

Why Black sharpies? 

Rules of the hobby:

1. Blue ages better

2. Sharpies weren't invented until the early 60s, making all these balls AUTOMATIC Forgeries. He shuld use ball point pen if he was smart

3. On baseballs, You use BALLPOINT PENS, not Sharpies.

Take a look at this DiMaggio and Feller. Christ!

Wow, this NM natural Louisville Slugger is in super shape and comes signed in various colored-sharpie by 23 baseball SUPERSTARS! Sig's are in EX+ shape overall and included are names like DIMAGGIO, GREENBERG, T.WILLIAMS, YOGI, MANTLE, SNIDER, FORD, GIBSON, ROSE, MARIS, SCHMIDT, BANKS, DICKEY, KELL, ROUSH, COOL PAPA, HUBBELL, CHANDLER,FELLER,ETC.. Loaded with legends and comes fully certified authentic by Chris Morales. Valued into the thousands.

I'd give them five bucks for the bat. I could smack rocks with it.

The DiMaggio is missing half the autograph. Look at the Reggie Jackson, lol!

They are vermin, what else can you say about them?

Ruth and Einstein on the same baseball, now that is funny.

But I am convinced that 90% of the garbage they sell is to other criminals who just resell it in malls, flea markets, small shops, small auctions, etc. The prices realized are all quite low in comparison to what authentic autographs go for.

Look at Scott's eyes in that picture.  Pretty scary looking.



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