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I'm looking to buy a couple of Coldplay autos. Both from eBay sellers who claim to have obtained in person (100% feedback and thousands of sales). I'm a huge Coldplay fan...

Posting all photos here, would appreciate any advice from anyone. Also -- if anyone is looking to offload a Coldplay auto -- please message me I've been searching for years and have not been able to get a legit auto for a price that I can afford.... :( 

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Everyone I see is like thousands of dollars. 

how much does the guy want on these? i’m curious now??

Two different sellers -- $300 for the album and $400 for the tour mag. 

I think that says volumes.

i agree with Eric on this . if you have a legit piece you aren’t selling it for a fraction of what you could get unless somethings fishy . full coldplay is in the  thousands at minimum 

Are people really spending $2k on a Coldplay piece though? I don’t see those sales happening.

there not. that’s why those are the real ones left out there haha chris martins sell a lot but not 2k range. full real band ones are rare so that’s why they are 2k . one of my favorite bands too. they are amazing!!!

What do you think of this one? 

I don't see the first one on eBay? Link?


The seller’s story for the auto: “Usually I buy direct from publisher or that kind of thing, but not on this one. I'm a huge Coldplay fan and got some signed CDs at a show at the Woodland's Pavilion near Houston TX over a decade ago.”

I'd listen to Brian on this one!

What do you all think of this one? Looking to purchase in the next 24-48 hours. Seller listed it with the LOA from JSA...


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