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Is that the australian one?

I have not received my Australian CD so I hope that won't be cancelled! It's frustrating when the order gets cancelled for no reason. It happened to my Lana Del Rey's Blue Banister CD just a few days ago :( what do we have to do to secure our orders next time? Place multiple ones?!

i was told in the us that they couldn’t fulfill my order that was missing yesterday too. so sad. they offered refund or something else which i only wanted the signed cd

Anyone still waiting for their order from WM Australia? I’m in the UK, starting to worry!

I think we all are waiting still. I wouldn’t be too worried.

I am still waiting too!! I wrote to them last week and this is the reply I got. Hopefully it is just a delay and it is not going to result in a cancellation, or I will be very, very pissed...

Thanks for your email and apologies for the delay in getting this item to you. We are experiencing some longer than usual wait times due to shipping delays and limited staff in our warehouse due to lockdowns across Sydney.
We currently do not have an approximate ETA but hope to have an update soon.

Thanks for your patience and if there is anything else we can help with please do not hesitate in contacting us either by email or via phone on +61 2 8054 2575

Merch Fan 

Fingers crossed. Thank you!

I have just received the shipping notification for my order from WM Australia.

Did anybody ever figure out how many of these they did? 

There are many copies on sale on eBay so I think there should be quite a lot? I am not too sure.

I don't think so. At least this many!


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