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This is the most trading I have seen offered on one these posts it’s such an amazing community here really is 

I love the forum 

@Steven you are an absolute legend man! Thank you so much. Ugh my favorite band couldn’t be happier to preorder this. Hopefully it’s 100% legit and not auto pen or anything like that. I’m surprised they’re still available!!! Wow amazing thank you!!! 

There was picture of him with them in his hand posted here couple weeks back I expect them to be legit myself 

Haha thanks! Glad you got one! It looked like it should be hand signed, cause they had them all laid out on a table in a photo when they were meeting with BTS. 

First, big Thanks @Steven !!!

Can I suggest having a double discussion for these kind of threads? I love reading what people say, and I actually followed them all :) ,But if someone post that this is on sale in UK now, it will get lost in the noise.
Maybe once a thread gets more than a page for the selling part, we can create a discussion only with actual sells...

I wouldn't be for turning this into a marketplace for sales but it would be cool if there was an open thread for trading, it would be helpful especially in situations like this with U.S. and UK only items. I've only really been on this section of the site so that may already exist and I just don't know about it lol. but it would be better than having all the trade talk in the regular thread where we are looking for updates imo

No problem! Just helping out where I can!

Hi, in Northern Ireland looking for this, have a spare Elton for trade

I got one for you. 

I’ll pay $50 and trade

I got an Elton going to my UK mailing address that I set up today, however I would give someone $1 more than what this guy offers because he’s being such a PEST on this site.

I can go up $300, so… I hope you have $301… Is there a rule that says we can’t offer money?


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