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Don't know if this subject has been covered before but if not.... any suggestions and comparable prices out there in autograph land for collectors?  Insurers for Dealer Inventories or property used in commercial transactions should be noted accordingly to eliminate confuse with collector's insurance..


There use to be some that covered itemized line items that deduct from the overall coverage along with trading cards for shrinkage, water loss and a whole host of other hazards.


I've used Association Insurance Administrators out of Davidson NC  that at one time covered the full gamut but over time their underwriters have changed hands....  They seem pretty good but then again everyone is pretty good until claims are processed and I am happy to say that has yet to happen.


Noticed in this renewal their policy lists Lloyds of London collectables as the policy writer.


just for comparison on their price points;


50k has a $163,00 annual premium, 100k $288, 150k $413, 200k  $538 and anything above just call....



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sounds good rez... and as you point out AIA dealer oriented policies appear to not cover mysterious disappearance (shoplifting) or flood." which at a Tri-Star show a few years ago (don't know what the vendor had for insurance) but seems a Babe Ruth Bat and Ball that was very secured seemed to disappear during the night. or so they think.

on the collector side, I don't see that exclusion spelt out yet. Replacement Cost coverage. You will be paid the current market retail value of the item at the time of loss.

http://tradeshow.collectors.org/Show_Booth.asp?tsa=7500&tsb=5 is the link to the AIA by the way for anyone who wants to stop in.

and for the NAC collector; http://acna.us/collector_ins.html

IS there any collector insurance companies in Canada?

opps, sorry chris on the response delay.  so many threads, never enough time.

Take a look at this company;  http://www.axa.ca/art-collectibles-insurance

they are a large outfit and use to cover Art and Collectables (but perhaps not the type you might want insured).   They use to have a brochure on the page someplace.  If they don't cover the type you are looking for they are still worth a call as they might know of some independent agents or other larger ones.

Try these guys, http://www.hwint.com/usa/hughwood/aps/others.html I believe they are re insurers for Lloyds buut I am not sure.

I use Collectables Insurance Services as well. I've had items stolen from trades hows, lost in the mail, damaged during shipping.  Items that were in the $1000s and every time, no questions asked, each incident was covered.  I provided all the information required (Police report for stolen items, UPS tracking information, etc.). I absolutely hate most insurance companies but this one is definitely one I'd recommend.




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Good to hear, Michael. I've been using Collectibles Insuranec Services for years. Never had a claim, but it is good to hear they are good if I do need to file a claim.


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