Collectible Gifts forger criminal Brian Burkel can no longer accept credit cards. Over 10,000 forged items on his site.

Elvis Presley Signed Elvis’ Christmas Album – Artist signed collect...

Artist signed collectibles and gifts – Whose Autograph Do You Want?...

He is now accepting only echecks.

But Collectible Gifts is still spending thousands of dollars per week on Google Ad Words and Microsoft Bing Shopping.

I have Question for someone on this site:

Can  a buyer do a chargeback with an echeck???

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Brian is an absolute scumbag, but rest assured that the FBI are well aware and have taken a keen interest in his fraudulent practices. It's only a matter of time. I would assume they're waiting to get as much evidence as possible. I also wouldn't be surprised if they have undercover agents buying things from him at this point seeing as they've been investigating him for the last two years. He's screwed as far as I'm concerned.

Hello Harald:

How do you know that Brian Burkel - Collectible Gifts- has been investigated by the FBI for the past two years? Are you related to Efrem Zimbalist, Jr or Robert S Mueller? Thanks for your input.

I hope the walls are closing in on him, that would be a great result.

Yes, that is correct. MEMORABLE GIFTS is the 23rd name change for forger Brian Burkel's autograph web sites. Somehow, Brian Burkel has not been arrested and put in prison for all the forged items that he has sold over the last 25 years. Here is one example of a forged Bob Dylan.

bob dylan

Memorable Gifts
Las Vegas, NV 89131



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