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Hopefully uk amazon get them :) 

already ordered from Barnes to my USA buddy 

Gladly will purchase and congrats on all the referral money from the link lol 

Thx, ordered from B&N already but would have preferred Amazon where I have some credit, 

(not bothering to try and cancel/reorder)

Wonder how many this 89-year-old is signing...?

Ugh…. Seems to be too many for my liking…

I mean yeah. But it’s Cormac his value can’t be diminished much. 

Thanks. This is going to be worth a lot of money.

Thank you so much. I've wanted a signed Cormac for a long time. This is a dream item for me!

I think this is a glitch. There would be a maximum order, Mccarthy doesn’t sign even Suntup editions, and there has been no real confirmation this is legit across all platforms selling it,

I'm starting to have doubts too with it showing up in so many places today, and with some of them not having a limit as you said. still had to try though

They went on sale months ago on bam I think my buddy got one they sold out fast then 

BAM has had errors like this many time, last one I would trust.  Amazon is more trusted and might as well try because of the great return policy.  I’m just very skeptical and have run a collectibles book store for close to a decade.  



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