Seen more of these around lately supposedly thrown out of his hotel window in Europe. What do the members think?   Real or forgeries?


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I think these were on eBay last year and were removed as fakes

I think it's sick!

Autograph collecting and determining what is real and what is fake is sick?  Then you are on the wrong website.

Bruce...I think sick is the new word for cool and good and awesome and radical

Oh, THAT sick!   I get it now.


Once again, you gotta think. Why would someone bother faking a pillow and bother writing all the extra stuff. A forger is gonna focus more on photos, albums, and guitars and simply put a signature. Looks legit to me, although I wouldn't personally pay big bucks for a pillow, regardless of the additional writing.

The answer to the question of why someone would go through all the trouble of faking pillows and doing so much writing....because it creates a unique item that someone will buy.  One thing I've learned is that forgers will create and "sign" anything and forge any signature they think it will bring in a buck.

Michael signed pillowcases in hotels and threw them out to fans all the time, so its something he's been known to do.  Google images has quite a few you can look though, some with him holding them before they were sent down to fans.

I agree with Sidney. If 100 people have a photo of MJ then it may not sell for ages. If you have something unique such as this or a jacket, hat etc then it gets much more interest and is likely to sell faster. Often new collectors believe a story rather than checking the signature and forgers cash in.

Maybe send it to Macaulay Culkin and Webster to also sign. They might even remember him signing this?

I suspect these are not authentic. 

Barry I have removed your posts that have nothing to do with the autographs.  This site is dedicated to autograph opinions and not about what a person thinks MJ did or did not do, there are other forums for that.   


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