Crosby stills nash and young autographs real or not i think they look alright i just wanted to get a second opinion? Thank you

Autographed crosby stills nash and young american dream. I am pretty sure it looks ok. Just wanted a second opinion on it? Thank you 

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s n and y look good the david is one blob so hard to say then again its one big mess that I really woudnt want to own as there smudges and water damaged

Thank you for the comment. That bottom autograph is neil guitar tech i think. I havent got one with all of cnsy on the same thing. L

I believe that's Graham Nash by the "S" on the left side of the word STILLS and I have met and gotten his signature several times and it looks like it's real to me.

I think the signatures are likely legit, but I would definitely pass on it.  I agree with marc e  The poor condition of the piece combined with the smudged autographs is just too disappointing.  It might have been a nice piece at one time, but unfortunately it's not any more.  Sorry, but I wouldn't want this in my collection either.

+1 eye appeal :(


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