How much would you pay for a badly damaged Marilyn Monroe page.

Bit of a tear near the K in kisses
Repair on the loop on M in Monroe
A hole near the N in Monroe
Plus the horrible picture stuck down


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I think £1,200 for an authentic Monroe is a good price. The damage is not that bad to my eye. Does it have any provenance?


Many thanks for your help. 

The seller is 100% legit and can be trusted. The autograph hold up very well against other examplers

I'll post a photo of the reverse when it comes through

I wouldn't make a move on a Monroe without contacting Pauline Berry here. 

She is our MM expert 

Shoot her a pm

It does not have that wispy looking ink that is a stand out MM trait. 

What year did the seller say it was supposed to be signed 

I'm certain it's authentic. My problem is the tape. Is it anything I should worry about. The tape looks old-ish, so it might not bleed-through in the future.

Any thoughts?

Nice looking signature. Priced accordingly. 

Thanks Joe,

Will that tape be a problem?

Over time the adhesive will soak through the paper and darken it and make the repair job more noticeable. There are ways old tape can be removed but it is a delicate task. The longer the tape has been on the paper the more difficult it is to remove without damage. Storing it properly will help if removal is not an option for you but there is long term concerns.

Thanks Joe

Not a fan of this item but that sort of old tape often just falls off in time. It seems a bit odd that the album page was signed in the book, and the signature is much closer to the inside binding than where one would normally sign?

Where is the photo of it?




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