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Do you have any plans for it? Unless you are a huge fan and want something one of a kind in your collection, Id say sell it now for an outrageous price while it has attention. This is like winning the lotto. Small lotto.. not megamillions lol

I’m definitely keeping it!  If anything, I may cut one of them out to have encapsulated and framed with a Dave grohl print that I have…

Don't do that! Jason is right. This is one of those oddities certain collectors love to have.

Try to ride the hype and put it on ebay as an auction. If you set a minimum selling price of $500 you've got nothing to lose. If it sells you can buy 2 books for that price (one of which you cut) and still got a couple 100 left.

I would definitely love to trade you some popular autographs for it! And make it worth it for you :) DM ME! I love things like this! Maybe we can work a deal

Thanks for the offer but I’m going to keep it!  Foo Fighters are one of my all time favorite bands and couldn’t see giving these up…

Thats awesome! I'm glad its in the hands of a fan. Just wanted to make sure you knew what you had exactly. I hope if you do cut one out, it would be from another book like Jor-El said. Keep this one as is.. but that, of course, is entirely up to you. Try not to tell anyone if you do though. It could upset a few people

That's dope! Would definitely keep it as it is :D

Barnes has charged my card yesssssss

Mine was through Paypal and the charge has fallen off long ago, I hope they contact me and don't just cancel the order like I've read some people had happen to them in the past.

I hope they sort that soon for ya mate 

Thanks, and yeah I wasn't worried until saw some others post that their orders were canceled in the past when this happened, I contacted B&N about it last month when I saw the preauthorization charge fall off and they said i would be contacted so hopefully. 

I just had to update payment on my order because my card got blocked



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