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It is initially only an offer for "plus exclusive" members. However, the book is scheduled for release on November 10. There will possibly still be copies available.

Hi Andy, I am a plus member but not receiving notifications of special editions.  Is there another level above this membership?  Seems that I only hear about these special editions through this site but I am sure I am doing something wrong. thanks

I am a plus member and only heard about it on here too..

I'm not on social media so don't know - maybe it was raised on Twitter / Facebook? 

I am a plus member and had an email which I then posted here! I just have the free membership 

thanks for that.  I will check my settings in case I have email notification switched off (or take more notice of my emails!).

Me too

Thanks ! Looked online for this a few weeks ago ! Ordered one - hopefully it turns up signed 

Nice one, thank you.

Brilliant, thank you!  I’m not a member, but was able to order one. David wouldn’t allow autopen, would he?

As far as I am aware his books are always legit 

For those in the U.S.-you may want to watch Blackwells  in the UK.  They've had signed editions of Attenborough in the past and they both pack well and charge a lot less than Waterstones factoring in shipping.  Nothing at this point on their site that is signed for him,  But worth watching.

Well said, worth an order on Waterstones, but in case Blackwells has it, definitely cheaper.


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