Would like some opinions on this one. Genuine or not? Many thanks.

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This is a half-competent forgery, in my opinion. Steer clear.

Thanks for your input, Eric. This isn't horseshoes so close doesn't count!

No problem Joe, the others don't find it genuine either.

Appreciate you, Eric. The "horseshoe" comment wasn't about your valued opinion but referencing the signature itself.

No problem Joe :) Always happy to help. I don't know who is offering this know, it has been unframed since, but the last seller had some real poor material at absurd prices.

Not real, I was looking for this a few weeks ago. But have to say its good fake... 

Thanks, Sara.

Sorry to throw the cat amongst the pigeons on this one, but after some reflection and more research, it probably is real IMO.

The date is 100% perfect (I won't give too much away so as not to help fakers) and he has signed like this before (rushed, unfinished last movement which 9 times out of ten reaches back and then across. See the example from the year before below. Also, if you check Andy's site for this year, he had a bout ten different styles of signing this year.

However, I would not personally buy it unless it was under £150.

Thanks, Mark. Makes this discussion more intriguing for sure. 

I see what Mark is saying, I recall the original thread Sara was talking about, and what Andy said and I think I am sticking with "avoid" for this one. It is safest and cheapest. :) These years have a LOT of variation (and that is from a 1976 lover!)

PS - What might be making me nervous is that in 1987 the "o" nearly always seems to overlap the "B" as in quick IP the 1986 above. 

I think I recall this seller now - most everything in felt tip IP Paris, good names, mostly cuts, good prices. There is McCartney, Clapton, Starr, Harrison Ford, Hamill, Fischer and so on.



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