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When I heard that David Bowie died I immediately contacted the man who took one of my favorite photographs of him in concert back in 1978 and had this printed to my specs and signed to me. It has rich color, a great finish and Perry's stamp/name on the Reverse. I hope you like it ;)

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It is double-weight and of a special sheen. I believe he is singing "Heroes" from the footage available. Over 40 years ago! 

That’s a beautiful piece!!  Enjoy.

Thanks EJK, it goes with this.

Click for full image:

A 1976 cream album page, heavy weight, signed in red felt tip (favored color) by David Bowie, paired with an original 1976 lithographed 8" x 10" movie still from The Man Who Fell To Earth. Photograph © Chuck White.

Very nice!!

Truly very impressive! Very nice!

Bowie is one of my favorite artists. I never got to see him live in person simply because of my age.  The closest I ever got was meeting collaborators, the Pet Shop Boys, who did work with him on the remix to "Hallo Spaceboy." I think there was talk of them helping more, but the single was not regarded as a success. The song was included on remix album Disco 4, which I did get autographed by PSB. I would love to get the remix signed some time, although I wonder if they will be apprehensive of doing so.

Thank you :) Sorry you never got to see him. He was simply incredible live. Hallo Spaceboy was superb - I always loved it - both versions. I especially remember front row during the short Ballroom Tour of 1996 at Roseland, the 50th Birthday performance with soebody or other and the GQ Man of the Year Awards show. Very strong and with Mike Garson as well!

Eric, just out of interest, what's your favourite David Bowie track?

Oh, that's not easy. At 3 am on a Sunday Morning, Aladdin Sane. On a Friday Night, Teenage Wildlife or The Hearts Filthy Lesson. On this rainy brown afternoon, No Plan or The Bewlay Brothers. My response is limited to studio releases.

Eric, you're absolutely right. On reflection, it was a rather daft question. There's a Bowie tune for every mood and every occasion - just depends where you're at. I must admit though, one that fits most for me is the stupidly good Queen Bitch. There, i've said it. Ha ha! Cheers!

No, it was a good question, just many correct answers. Queen Bitch? I saw that live with Bowie and Lou Reed! :)

Really? Oh my days!!! Eric, i am most envious of your legendary encounters! I'm still trying to get over your meet-up with David Byrne! Ha ha! Cheers!

If Memory serves, it was followed by Waiting for the Man! This INCREDIBLE venue does not exist anymore it seems. Since 20014.  :(

Here is the audio form the Heroes I saw front row 1996~!

Heroes 1996 Ballroom Tour Roseland NYC




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