David Bowie & unknown signatures on LP - looking for thoughts and opinions

Hi again everyone,

By a stroke of luck I came across another potentially authentic signed David Bowie LP. This one features a signature from another person as well, so an ID on who this individual could be would be great!! Any thoughts and opinions are welcome.

Thanks for all that you do,


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No way on the "Bowie"...

Hey there, thanks for your thought! If you have a chance, can you tell me why?

This is a very poor forgery. This is signed by a right handed person - Bowie was left handed. Bowie usually signed at a down and to the right angle. The forger knows what it should look like but is unable to pull it off. The shapes, loops and numerals are all incorrectly formed.

Thanks for your expertise!

No problem. Here is a real one from my collection:

And another. Click for full image.

And here is a rare 1976 with a vintage TMWFTE still by Chuck White:

I agree with Eric, the Bowie is 100% fake.

The second signature, I think, is supposed to be Tony Visconti’s, but it doesn’t look much like his, to me.  I think it’s a best guess scenario on the part of the signer, designed to distract a little from the fake Bowie, and perhaps add some credence for potential buyers.  Also fake, IMO.

Tony levin maybe 2nd signature  fake bowie



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