OK I know, he's not a singer. But I find him rock'n'roll!

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Mine from Premiere:

Right, it’s much nicer than I thought too.

Wish I had waited until cyber Monday lol, I only got it at 20% off a week or so before…oh well, lesson for next year 

Lol, that’s awesome. I did get some of the cyber Monday deals but didn’t fare that well! :)

Yeah, that’s crazy to get a nice boxed edition for so cheap.

Still don’t know if that whole deal was a glitch or what. Probably not but seems like they would have promoted it outright if trying to move some copies. 

Does anyone know if the B&N ones are autopen or real? If they are real I will pick one up since they are half off today.

The only real ones I've seen came from premiere collectibles and were on a bookplate. All others have been autopened


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