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Awful. No way, sorry.

Thank you Eric!

You are welcome! Anytime.

Here is one of mine and the ticket from the filming.

Click on both for larger images:

This is a rather prized item. A signed promotional DVD, a format I did not have a while ago. Meant to go in conjunction with the Roger Waters signed Wall DVD I got IP in 2917. Designed by Storm Thorgeson. I need to make a better scan - the contrast is better than show here - and it is fully complete with original case, plastic sleeve with white "Promo" sticker, promo bar-code, the booklet and disc. A very full signature from him in white ink - good placement and contrast. I am told there are a handful of these. 12? The version of "Shine On" Part 2, 6-9, is much like the old days. Following is a ticket from the filming.
I do not know the photographers name much to my unhappiness.

Wonderfull!!! :)

Thanks! :) If you are looking for a well priced Gilmour there is that CD from last year. I have one. No need to break the bank.

Click for large image:

what are you asking for this?

Neither are for sale.


We don't buy or sell in the forums, sorry. 


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