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In September I will see the first of a series of David's concerts in Rome. I would like him to sign and personalized album for me. Does anyone have any advice for me? When are the best chances to meet him? During the sound check, before or after the concert and the like? Thank you all!

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You'd have better luck buying a lottery ticket.

Sorry to be blunt, but AFAIK, he's never changed his stance on stonewalling people who come to him IP with auto requests. "A Theatre for Dreamers" was a true black swan event only prompted by his wife's need to dominate the Sunday Times bestseller charts.

Thank you for your response. He certainly has some moments when he signs, but who knows when he's in the mood.

Are they offering Meet & Greet tickets? That would be the obvious way. Alternatively you could write to his agent or similar and offer to make a donation to his preferred charity, e.g. in exchange for a personal meet & greet.

There is no answer to your question, really - if there was we would all be happy bunnies.


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