In one fan-facebook group, there is offered 24 Carat Gold vinyl album.... I would like to know what´s your opinion about this LP?

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I´m very interested in opinion of others.... :)


In my opinion, this is not the autographs of the members of Deep Purple.

a) it's fake b), even if real this is a terrible piece.

You can find nice signed covers for reasonable prices.

I would expect to pay well over $1000 for a nice looking fully signed Deep Purple album. With Jon Lord gone and Blackmore not signing anything but the medieval crap for a long time now, any complete sets are going to have to be at least dozen (or so) years old.

Ian Gillan's been getting tougher in the past few years too, so even getting the whole current line-up on something isn't necessarily a pushover anymore.

Better off buying a signed drumhead from their merch tables.

That's certainly a great way to get an authentic set for a nice price. For many fans the current line-up, without Blackmore (and Lord), isn't really Deep Purple though.

Morse, Glover, Paice and Airey are still very good signers. Lord was a good signer and Gillan used to be too, but has become more selective in recent years. Blackmore has always been difficult and hasn't really signed anything Deep Purple (or Rainbow) related in years.

I got a Gillan in Sao Paulo (Brazil) in November because I arrived too early for the show and the two nights he went out very fast (well before the fans).
He really has avoided to find people, but if you ask he turns to you and sign!

Nice item!!! :)

Thanks Peter!

Cool item!

The other members' signatures have always been very consistent, but Gillan's in-person autograph rarely looks like the one on the drumhead anymore.

You're right!
When the item is purchased: drumhead, CDs, etc. it is not "economic".




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