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£21 shipping on top in the UK, how did they work that one out unless its a very big piece.

No known dimensions of the canvas.

$122 shipping to the US. It must be big. 

Very cool, thanks for posting!

They added: 40x40x5cm , so  15.75x15.75x2"

I pre ordered one. Would really like a Deep Purple item, but am not sure yet. A canvas of this size doesn't go well with my vinyls. Plus the high price.

I was going to pass but changed my mind. Theres a 10% discount on the US site if you order 2 or more products. I picked up a cd as well and the total came to $105 ($122 after shipping and tax) I couldn't find any promo codes. Signing up for their email list gave nothing.

I agree with you about the size but intrigued by having a signed canvas thats limited. Going to try to frame this with the cd. 

Thanks for posting Philip and Erich

Your comment relieves me a little, as I actually wanted to look for dicount codes too before I ordered, but then forgot to do so :D

I ordered from townsend, where it is sold out now. I wonder if the limit is 150 US and UK combined, so maybe 75/75? Shouldn't be shared stock, especially as it's not sold out yet at musictoday.

I'll probably keep my order. If I actually don't like it, I can still give it away later. I'd say I should always get my purchase costs back with this.

Thanks from me as well! :)


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