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DEVO Signed Poster https://shop.clubdevo.com/products/signed-special-edition-new-traditionalists-anniversary-fine-art-print-dev


Signed Special Edition New Traditionalists 40th Anniversary Fine Ar...

Devo protects the children from the sub-human wad in this museum-quality fine art print of the full color, 1981 NT poster that came inside the original 12” Devo LP release.
This is a limited edition DEVO fine art piece
Signed by DEVO
Only 200 made
12 color giclee pigment print on 210gsm acid-free classic etching paper OBA free
32 7/8 inches X 22 1/2 inches
Pre-Sale: this item will ship late September/early October. Orders are not part-shipped. If you would like to order more items, we recommend placing a separate order.

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Mine just shipped today. Hoping they received backlash in time to package these differently 

Showed up in 2 pieces, CD in the normal gray poly bubble mailer and the poster rolled in a poster tube. Someone was watching the board here

Lucky! Unfortunately ours are trash…

Has Anyone not received there cds and posters yet ? I am still waiting and not getting any communication from talkshop live . Thanks 

Received the cds Saturday and the posters in a tube yesterday. Of course they still slightly creased the top when starting to roll these. You can't win. Hopefully you will get yours this week


I’m with you…I have received nothing.  I’m actually waiting on three orders that should have already shipped.  They are not responding to my email inquiries.  

Hi Mark , Thanks for your response . Well stay in touch and i am getting no response back from them and my card was charged for the full amount . good luck 

Talk shop live just refunded my money but only after filing a dispute with the credit card company . Nobody from there ever contacted me after several emails to them . I never received the original order . I had always had good luck with them in the past . disappointed this time around . 

Hi Mark , Just a heads up they refunded my money after filing a dispute with credit card company . Good luck to you . 

Thanks!   I may wind up doing the same.   

They offered me a 35% discount! Lol

My poster was literally creased in half in several places.

They finally relented and refunded my money.



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