Do you see anything unusual about these two Jackie Robinson signatures?

Trust me, this is not a set up.  I am asking for your honest opinions about these two signatures.  I will tell you why I am asking after I get some replies.  Please study them carefully.  They were listed simultaneously on two different sites.

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Yup. Singular. Obviously different paper/ink. I don't know sports or cards so not sure of what you are saying. Sorry. Second was sold in 2013 for $175 raw. Now slabbed in a tomb unknown to me. Some kind of facsimile.


Eric, when you say one was sold in 2013 for 175, which one, please?

Whoa! Sorry - the sig I found online in a search, matching yours above (the loose one), is not the sig you see when you "click to see image/page in the search results!!!"


To be clear, the one I saw and "lost" in my search was the one shown raw here - it was in a 'cheap" unknown slab. Must be some kind of digital forgery some of these modern things. Likely several around. No reason to think the one I saw was the same as the one posted loose above


Right down to the slight stain floating above the "a". Color photocopy?   


Yes, Pete. I made this for the OP - thought it might help to post it.


excellent, Eric.......

right on, Pete.  so to you, these look like one and the same?

Thanks. I think they would fit perfectly superimposed - photograph angle is messing it up but enough is there to see - this was 3 seconds work too.


I have seen the same celeb sign hundreds if not thousands of autographs, just like any human being's two are the same.
I can't think of any other explanation other than the fact that these are autopens or reproductions of the same autograph, or at least one of them is a reproduction.

Exactly. Pete, see the bottom of "Best wishes" peeking out of the slabbed one!


They are identical. One is the original and one is a copy. 




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