Going to see Jackson Browne next week on his acoustic tour. Does anyone know if he signs before or after the show? Stage door before sound check? On the way out to the bus?

Are there any signed items at the merch table? Thanks.

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Have a framed signed Jackson Browne World In Motion if your are interested. This came from directly from WEA back in 1989. 

Thanks but I'm looking for in-person feedback. Anyone?

Sorry, I can’t answer that question.  I just wanted to say that Jackson Browne has some really good songs.  My two favorites are Somebody’s Baby, and Boulevard.

I got him to sign after a show about 3 years ago.  I was the only one there for an autograph.  Everyone just wanted a picture with him, which he was happy to do.  He was not happy about signing though, and I had to really work for it.  DO not show him a blue sharpie!  And make sure you tell him your name.  You have  a better chance then.  Good luck

We waited across from the buses after the show, about a dozen people. Security told us he didn't stop on the way into the venue for sound check. After 20 minutes his road mgr. came out, told us he might come out for photos but he wouldn't sign. Okay, whatever. I got my picture taken with him. After me, a guy asked him to sign an LP which he did. So my wife asked him to sign my "For Everyman" LP. Which he did! In black sharpie. He was very mellow and friendly, seemed to appreciate the fans. 

I first saw him in Oct. 1974. Last night he sang as well as he did 45 years ago. Outstanding show.

Congratulations. If you would, please share a photo of the album you had signed. 



Very nice.  He asked my name before he signed mine, and even at an in-store for his CD a few years back, he personalized it. 




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