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This is the band Keanu Reeves plays in so presume these will be signed by him too. Don't shoot the messenger if he doesn't though as it's not specified. Good luck! My money is on he's signing them.

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Many thanks - worth a punt!

This could be the find of the century!!

Awesome, thanks! Looks like they played a show last night and are just now advertising signed vinyl on their social media pages. So I assume he will be on it too.

It let me add 3025 of the color one and 805 of the black to my cart. So if that is accurate i'm just guessing it'll be an insert.

1136 Watermelon Sugar left, 356 Black vinyl left

You get a KR! You get a KR! 

Agreed… worth the gamble!

Keanu is a founding member so it would be extremely surprising if he doesn’t. That being said, they definitely downplay his celebrity when promoting the shows and everything. Definitely worth the pick up. 

I’m in, thanks

I'm in too. Absolutely worth a try if he is on it. Thanks for posting! 

Worth a shot. Thanks! 

Thank you! Gave the watermelon LP a try - would be very strange if it isn't signed be Mr. Reeves, I think.


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