Don’t miss out: George Hallison, Pail McCartney, and John Lermer signed receipt only $2699!

Dont live to regret not owning this amazing Beatles signed item!  Is it authentic?  Please...don’t even go there!  It’s definitely authentic.  If you have any doubt, just send it to Christopher Morales or Drew Max.  They’ll stand behind this beauty 100%!  But get it soon.  It won’t last long!

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I thought it was John Lemon the first time. My word this is terrible. What's the bet eBay let this one stay but continue taking down others that are genuine 

The spelling of these “autographs” is open to interpretation.  Lol.  Vegas is taking bets right now!  ;0)

Brilliant, love it! 

Here comes the Sue King.

LOL.  Very sharp.

Doesn’t get much better than this. I guess Rango Stirr wasn’t available to sign it !!!

Yes, from what I understand, the one who obtained these wonderful autographs was very disappointed when he discovered Rango Stirr was off doing something else and wouldn’t be able to sign this iconic piece of Beatles history.

Love it!!!

Funny with all the errors that it is an educational textbook LOL ;)

Straight from Autograph Live University! 

Maybe Pail is the brother of Paul and George has requested a name change.
John was maybe drunk, that's why Lermer. The price is wrong. Such rarity is worth $26990.




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