I got my hand on the 10k graph trump was boasting about recently when he visited louisiana. google it and you will see the video . looking to trade or sell if anyone is interested. let me know thanks 

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I remember seeing this on eBay for 300, not a bad deal if it's real!

the guy was selling it on ebay for 10k. i got him down to the 300 which was a steal. looks good though in person to me. i’ll get it authenticated but overall looks like once in awhile you get the real deal on ebay with a win but trump isn’t my expertise nor do i really collect him so i’m selling it or will trade it or just hold onto it until the right deal comes along . thanks for your response 

Hi, I just watched the video clip and in it Trump signed 2 autographs. One was 8 x 11 but with ratty edges and signed at an angle (see pic). The other graph signed in the video was not a full size page like the first one.

Im not saying Trump didnt sign the OP, or that Trump didnt sign more autographs that same night, but the one you have posted here does not seem to be either of the 2 autographs Trump gave out in the video I saw.

he signed more than those two that night. he did about 45 of them which not all were shown in video from what heard. i’m really not sure 100 percent if it’s one of them in the video but either way it’s definitely one that he signed from that event which i was told. i thought it was really hard to tell from the video but i guess you have better eyes than me lol you think graph is good? it looks spot on to me and one of the nicest ones i’ve seen 

The photo shows the graph at an angle on a full size page with ratty edges. Yours is not signed at an angle and has straight edges on all sides. Like I said, not saying he didnt sign more - just that yours is clearly not the one I posted above or the second one he signed in the video I saw.

I dont study Trumps sig enough to say. I will say that $300 is a mighty big drop from $10K and less than one would pay for a certifiably real signed book from Premiere on Ebay right now.

And before somebody says it: we all know 10K is not a realistic valuation (yes, even Trump) But $300 is just as unreal IMO. Like you said, if real, its a steal.

We currently don't buy or sell here at AML.

i know that which we used to but that is why someone can message me and trade or buy it from me offline. we don’t do it through the buy and sell piece like we used to. we can still let people know if there’s an interest in a trade or purchase available though

"...we can still let people know if there’s an interest in a trade or purchase available though..."

Not selling here right now means just that - please do not advertise.

it’s a blog discussion about the item and everything  . i’m not posting it. if someone has interest we can talk offline about a trade or what not. no harm in that at all mentioning if there’s interest i’ll trade or what not. . don’t look at the discussion if you aren’t interested in what people have to say  . the site isn’t responsible for anything that happens outside if someone wants to trade me for something so get your parties out of a bunch buddy 

My "parties" are not in a bunch. As a moderator I have to see that the rules are followed.

This is a full Trump sit down signature... seems very unlikely he signed this at an event where he almost always gives the shortened scribble.

This also has a "Autopen" feel to it. Brian, I suspect someone sold you a dud.



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