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Yeah. The seeds of doubt will always be there now unless you get/got her in person, which is a shame. That said, the market is flooded with her now, so you can pick your favorite version and get it pretty cheaply at that, lol. 

the dot of the I inside the loop is not always a sign of authentic.  The dot can also be out of the loop as well from what Ive read.  Here is one she obviously signed.  They all look so similar.  You can drive yourself nuts with this. 

I agree, happy I'm not the only one that brought this up.

Im just glad I dont have a dog in this fight, lol. I got my money back and just offered my opinion bc you asked. Good luck!

I agree

These are good but you are always going to have armchair amateur "experts" say otherwise.  Bottom line is this, if you believe its real, keep it, if you believe its fake, send it back. Simple. 

I think part of this is the sheer volume she signed for this one. It's not unfathomable (Taylor and Halsey have both done some massive, missive signings in recent years), but it does add a few question marks when you see that many items signed that nicely.

RACC is going to be a mixed bag of resources at best. Some good knowledge in there but an inherent bias based on the overall nature of the group. 

Just enjoy what you receivied from the record company mine are fine to me and that's it.

Be happy you acquired a signed item from an offical source.


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