it looks like the actual vinyl is signed, no crappy insert here

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Ordered, thanks

Got the signed insert last time but worth a try to see if actual vinyl signed this time 

I should have let you buy it first to check :(

This one is sold out.

But still available here:

and deluxe version here:

The deluxe version states it comes with a signed lithograph. I wouldn't be surprised if that is what comes with the signed vinyl rather than it actually being signed on the jacket. I have probably bought 20 various albums over the last 4 or 5 years that said they were signed and actually ended up coming with a signed insert. Just warning people that this might be what you get.

They look great

Nice to be wrong in a case like this! :)

I know right 😂

Not as nice as the video for me :(

I got mine today. It is signed in silver in the lower left hand corner.

Nice, hope mine isn’t secretarial.

Although he prints the way he does it is pretty recognizable. The picture you posted is legit.


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