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Duran Duran - Danse Macabre - 12x12" signed art print with all bundles


Build you own bundle options too....

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I'm furious that their store is geo-blocking Australia and only offering Future Past leftovers

Weren’t the last lot of signed items awful signatures if I remember rightly?

yes and there were doubts that all the sigs were genuine .  I suspect these are as they are  prints but remembering that I hesitated too long and the prints sold out. grrr.   What is so sad is that these big names dont need the money, they are just ripping off fans

I agree Michelle, its simply moving units now. To some degree it always was, but its sad that artists (especially the bigs) have seemed to forget how cherished a signature can be for a fan. Now you just get craptastic initials or a sloppy mess (and thats if its real! LIAM!!) 

I think Eminem has it down. A nice looking consistent signature that is limited per release, but ongoing releases. 

Taylor Swift also does it right by fans. Im just waiting for her to go K-POP mad scientist next level and make 12-16 different photo cards all signed, but RANDOMLY inserted to make the collectors buy 296 copies to get the full set that will sell on Ebay for 13 mil.

You know thats coming. Lol!

well., never say never........A full name Taylor Swift sig sold for over £3,500 without commission at an auction over here.  I nearly fell off my seat with amazement.  Talk about silly money

The Future Past signatures had issues with Simon, Roger and Nick signing with initials only on some examples and what appeared to be several different 'Johns' signing 'John'. 

Mine arrived with a creepy sketch on the right hand side.... looks like a face , but also like the Devil if you incorporate the white horn shaped thing.... ???

More like the Minotaur. In D&D there is a spell for or of the Danse Macabre that includes the Minotaur. Yes, I had to look that up - I don't play D&D. I thought I would find a connection is medieval or Gothic art.

Minotaur Books published a book called Danse Macabre by Gerald Elias about murder and music.

Those signatures are disappointing. Some seem to have SLB and some have Simons full signature. I wished they would have signed in silver. I think the red is off putting. 

they may have signed in red as that is the colour of blood




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