Hi All... I am new to the site. I wanted to post my Eagles album before sending off to PSA. Any opinions on the signatures? Thanks

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No good....it looks off ,especially the Joe Walsh.
I think the Joe is good as I have compared to other psa certified signatures. The real question for me was the Randy Meisner.

the Walsh is awful as are the rest of these signatures. The Frey actually has an extra letter in it.

None of these signatures are authentic, IMO. Sorry!

Definitely not genuine imho. Sorry!

Good investigating. Music Mayhem selling Eagles,Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd forgeries amongst others.

Since you say this is your Eagles Album Brian -- does that mean you are also ebay seller:

musicmayhem2016 that is listing the same Eagles album plus many other forgeries on ebay right now? 


Nope I was the buyer as you will notice the sigs are in different places than mine. So no I am not the seller. Lesson learned for me so I think I will send to Psa fir the fun of it then hang on my wall.

Where did you buy this from?  Sending it to PSA "for the fun of it" will cost you at least $100 bucks plus shipping and insurance both ways. Since there is no way they will pass this poor forgery I don't see the fun in it. 

After a closer look the sigs look like they were done by the same forger with slightly different placement on the LP. A genuine Eagles Hotel California signed by all five is worth at least $2500 so finding one for $250 is not likely.  No way PSA will pass this one -- you'd be wasting $100 bucks plus shipping both ways. 

It's the principle of it so will send and see how it goes. Will be a good conversation piece of artwork on the wall.



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