1956 promo photo

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Well Don, not easy to say. Very tricky in my opinion. It has something positive and looks like was signed rushed in a hurry. Let‘s see what others say. 

IMHO... I don't like it and I think it's not authentic.

It would be early but appears somewhat hesitant. Others?

I wouldn't touch it.  too quirky

Personally, Id look for a more typical example.  Id seek Roger's opinion on this.

https://www.ebay.com/itm/Elvis-Presley-1956-RCA-Promotional-Card-si... - this autograph also from eBay and it's very looks like on a signature from this photo (i mean style of handwriting). And I don't believe that it was written by Elvis's hand. So I think they're both not good. Especially I don't like "Presley".

But if someone really decided to buy it, I also higly recommend to spend $15 on Roger's opinion...

Well done Timothy. Done by the same hand. 

Both items posted here do not look like real Elvis

I would not purchase


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