I just heard from eBay's fraud department that "court-approved forensic document examiners" Christopher Morales and Nick Burzyk have been banned by eBay!

Nothing offered with their authentication opinions is allowed, and will be removed—either automatically or upon notification.

Their names will be published on eBay's list of banned authenticators within the next two weeks—their Web department has a backlog of work, so it takes some time.

If you aren't familiar with Morales, read my article, Christopher Morales: The Forger's Best Friend

Thank you eBay!!!



eBay has updated their banned authenticator list to include COAs from Nicholas Burczyk, Christopher Morales and TTA Authentic (formerly STAT Authentic).

Here is the full list of banned authenticators:

Autographed items with COAs and LOAs, or references to COAs and LOAs from the following people or organizations.

  • Coach's Corner Sports Auctions LLC

  • Christopher L. Morales

  • Donald Frangipani

  • Forensic Document Services

  • Hollywood Dreams

  • J. DiMaggio Co. / J. DiMaggio Company

  • Legends Sports Memorabilia

  • Nathan's Autographs / N.E. Autographs

  • Nicholas Burczyk

  • Pro Sports / Pro Sports Memorabilia

  • Robert Prouty

  • R.R.'s Sports Cards & Collectibles

  • SCAA / Front Page Art / Angelo Marino

  • Slamdunk Sportscards & Memorabilia

  • Sports Alley Memorabilia

  • Sports Management Group

  • Stan's Sports / Stans Sports Memorabilia

  • TTA Authentic (formerly STAT Authentic)

  • Universal Memorabilia

  • XMI Authentications

  • USA Authentics

  • Blank COAs and LOAs / COAs and LOAs as stand-alone items

  • COAs and LOAs from anyone listed on the FBI's Operation Bullpen website


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Well - there you go...   I wonder what spin A/Alert will now put on this.

I have a Christopher Morales authenticated SRV album that I bought from Autograph Central.

Isn't Christopher Morales an authenticator used by American Royal Arts and Rock Star Gallery?

Scott - well that might appear to be a lost leader unfortunately.  ANd yes, along with Coach's Corner and a host of other dubious auction sites.

We should note that Morales was the guy who supposedly tested JSA in the Feb. 14 article on Autograph Alert. Can you blame them for looking at anything authenticated by Christopher Morales suspiciously?

I think it says a lot about the people behind Autograph Alert that they're promoting Christopher Morales as legitimate now. The "Dynamic Duo" Fighting to make the autograph hobby profitable for forgers.

Steve, yes I can as it's the article that's important not the source even when the source is Morales and the deception involved.  Although has anyone heard from JSA on this as I have heard in other circles that they have gotten sloppy which is not good.

In no way does that all of a sudden make him "righteous" and I concur with the thought of the A/Alert people behind this trying to position it that way.    It does however show poorly on JSA if it is as reported and we both know how "unlikely" that has proven to be in the past.

I agree, Travis.  The autograph always matters first.  When I do a video on autographs I will never assume that a autograph is bad just based on the cert.  That would be sloppy on my part to do that.
I agree with you Travis 100%.  The signature should be based on the signature. Period. I am no fan of AA but if it wasn't for them I never would have know how bias the companies can be.  The recent article up now on Morales is very embarrassing to JSA.

Ok, I have heard of this for awhile now. My question is:


Is the Christopher Morales you are talking about the same one from this website or is the one you are talking about using this guys Identity or trying to pass himself off as this guy ?




I ask this because this website makes alot of incredible claims on resume and documents 

That's the guy.
The one and the same Morales.
This poor guy Nicholas Burczyk, whose name has been dragged through the mud these past 18 months, had nothing to do with "certing" thousands of autographed photos of Mantle, DiMaggio, Ted Williams, etc.   No one has ever proven to me that Nicholas Burczyk authenticated any autographs of Mantle, DiMaggio, Ted Williams, etc.   Why is it that through the 1990's when Scoreboard was around I never heard of the name Nicholas Burczyk?  The first time I ever heard the name Nicholas Burczyk was approximately eighteen months ago.   How can a person that supposedly authenticated thousands of autographs be so reclusive and hidden for approximately twenty years?  Based on all of the autographs that Nicholas Burczyk supposedly authenticated, he should have retired a very wealthy man.  Also, have you ever tried to research Nicholas Burczyk on the web.   You can find tons of information on any known authenticator but nothing is out there on Nicholas Burczyk.   Think about that.
Does anyone know if he actually exists? The question is, who's using his name?


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