We're considering adding an eBay autograph and memorabilia forum, or group, to Autograph Magazine Live! where members can discuss everything from safe buying, to individual buyers and sellers, to discussing particular pieces you're interested in.

Is that something you'd be interested in? If so, what would you like to see in it, would you use it often, and do you have any ideas how you'd like it to work, including rules, etc.

Please tell us your ideas in this forum. We can implement it as early as April 1.

It you're not a member of Autograph Magazine Live! you'll need to join to comment. It's free!

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Great idea Steven, this is needed! It would be a great help to everyone to have this kind of forum up.
im about to go crazy [just kidding] but as-in im so excited to get you all's opinions about a ebay seller that in my personal opinion has all authentic autographs, yet no one has bidded on them, on the other hand people tend to bid more without researching it 1st =)
i absolutely love the idea!
I agree also
With all those fakes on ebay ... it would a great to be able to assist unsuspecting buyers. Count me in.
Great idea. Long overdue. It will help to clean up all the fakes on e-bay.
Great idea, always willing to help

Hi Steve,

This is needed as Ebay is a big part of the autograph world in promoting the good and the bad of the hobby. So why not take some control of it, or at least have a say.

well overdue, great idea
I too am interested.

Give hints for spotting fakes and also give advice on legitimate sellers.
Yep, good idea.
Maybe simply discussions of "suspicious" EBay sellers/resellers.
For example, Anthony Daniels (Star Wars's C-3P0) maintain a list of
sellers of fake autographs of HIMSELF on his site.
References like that are always useful for fan/collector.

Sometimes it's honest mistakes. Sometimes...
Yes...this would be a superb idea particular as the EBAY UK Forum as well as Forum had been closed. Such a forum could be also watched by EBAY Trusted parties and could help to suspend fraud sellers in future. For example more than 100 seller had been suspended on EBAY UK and EBAY USA because of the EBAY UK discussion forum. Only if honest collector's share knowledge and keep together we could fight against the forgery problem. Keep on the great work Steve

Markus Brandes
Please count me in as well as this being a very productive idea.
Stephen Duncan



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