He has several items all claiming to be from 1968 --  currently with multiple bids on eBay. 

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Post links please!

COA from Joseph R. Sperling - East Coast Authenticators?

Then there's this so-called band signed "Love Me Do" still at its opening bid of $499. If it were real you could add two zeros to the opening bid and it could easily sell for 10-times that.


I have never seen a full set of signatures next to lyrics or on Apple letterhead.

Quite original for a forgery.

Must admit the Ringo’s look very good, this forger has some talent, the other 3 look crap though ! 

§3150 for one set...funny

Does this look familiar - being auctioned by Infinite Abundance Auctions of Boca Raton, FL.

We’ve seen this disclaimer before as well!

“This item comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from a third party forensic authenticator. This Certification of Authenticity does not imply that the item will be certified by any other rival authentication companies. The accompanied certification is the only certification the auction company can confirm. These items are being sold as collectable pieces and there is no guarantee that this item can be resold on any online marketplace. Each of these companies has their own policies and politics.”




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