Sadly just noticed that I missed this - did anyone manage to get one? I believe they sold out in the last few minutes. 

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No problem. Thanks!

Hi Tyler, i might could help u! Message me..I was able to order 3!

Sent friend request. Thank you!

ShadyBootlegger, I don't know how to add you as a friend on here but I will send you a message in a moment. Thank you ever so much for thinking of me!




I just figured out how to send you a friend request! 

Please send me a message when you can.



Message sent 

From his Instagram:

If anybody has any extra… I’m willing to pay a little more if anyone is willing to let one go. I was working and unable to be on my phone to grab one. TIA. 

They are about £15 on eBay

That seems to be the going steady rate of them I wouldn’t pay no more than that myself if I was getting from there 

it does say on site now to put email in and will email when more stock come in don’t know if they will but worth a shot 

Does anyone have an extra for sale? Please let me know! I am in Canada and would love to get one.

I will have one. I prefer to trade.



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