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Guess I'm starting an Ed Sheeran collection now :D

Looks like 1 art card per order

Yeah, you can order multiple but makes it more expensive because of separatee shipping costs per CD.

Thanks! It was slow but I managed to order it.

The artcard will be sent separately?

I think these are indeed signed CDs and, in addition, every order includes a signed art card of the album (different to the single).

Damn, you might be right. Didn't pay attention.

I think you’re right…

I ordered 3 signed CDs and it includes an additional signed art card…

Even with shipping to US, I paid way less than the signed preorder two weeks ago

Those items are a great deal :D

My understanding is that it is the unsigned CD single + signed art card, all shipped together? In any case, Ed's autograph value has seriously taken a hit the last few weeks. At least he's actually signing them so kudos to him for treating the fans to a cheap signed item. I respect him a lot more for it.

My receipt shows them separate as signed cd and signed art card, I almost didn't order because $10 shipping to the U.S. seems a little high for a 99 cent Cd but I won't feel so bad if it's both lol

Exactly. This card is kind of automatically included with any “signed art card bundle” and they maybe mistakenly included it also with the signed CD single. He has signed singles before so I’m pretty convinced on this. 

In that case that would be well worth it, 2 signed items for 2.99 shipped to the UK is the deal of the year so far.



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