US album is available right now on US website 

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He signed them a few months ago so they should be just fine 

Isn’t the original release date October 29? That’s what it was when I ordered back in August 

Yes those ones were shipped out yesterday 

Also about the art work and black marker, he should use silver or white honestly so it doesn’t end up like the shivers cds

Is this product still shipping tomorow (29th October)? Has anyone heard if this will be pushed back?  Should we expect a shipping email tkmorow ? 

Thanks for the info!

i haven’t received an email yet from the US website.

Yeah, those shivers too WAY TOO LONG. Hopefully these come within 10 days 

My signed Shivers are in the same order as the album (UK). I'm worried this means nothing will ship because my order says it'll ship when everything is in stock (I doubt they'll have more Shivers).

You should email them. 

I did a couple of times, but then I get a meaningless reply that doesn't go into my question, so I'm still not sure.

Has anyone’s album dispatched ?

The release dates keep changing on my orders. The one that supposed to be released on Oct 28th changed to November 19th a few days ago. When I checked this morning the release date is no longer visible. I hope that means that is going to be shipped soon.


Hopefully today ;/



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