uk only I’m afraid!

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Mine has just dispatched too :D

Enjoy, Marky!! I was surprised how quickly it was dispatched :-)

Looks like more are available in the uK. Wish I could get some to Canada. :( 

I know.. my friend and I are dying for this but we don't want to pay a forwarding service

Just a heads up here guys I bought the cassette  bundle and received  a dua lipa art card received  a response  via email from them that they had no more Elton cards and was offered a refund have sent them another email asking  why they are still advertising  them on Elton's website  I await a response 

Let us know because i have heard nothing back yet after receiving the same thing something isnt right with these elton cards its still available on the UK site theres no way if you factor in the uk and us sales that elton has signed say 6/7000 cards im sending mine back for a refund i just dont believe the lockdown cards will be actually signed by him hes a multi millionaire does he need to sit and sign cards for 2 days solid i doubt it  

Taylor swift pumped out around 100k her last few cds. So it is done. There are always reasons to doubt but as collectors, we take that chance. As for elton, hes going head to head with Duran Duran for UK charts. There is a good reason for him to keep signing. This might be the last time in his life he is this close to a #1 album

Not doubting you but lets see what arrives and if they are signatures worth having if they are great everyones a winner  

Ok had some response the lockdown  cassette still advertised  is different to the other cassette  bundle so they should be good to go will upload pictures I received with lp bundle as for the other bundle it's gone a bit quite on that still awaiting reply

This is my copy. Just arrived 

Attachments: No photo uploads here

All mine came today for my overseas buddies 

Ew wtf he doing signing in yellow 


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