Jumped on this one like I'd been shot after missing on Grohl yesterday.

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I got a full name one.

Nice to see one shitebay seller with 10 copies for sale - makes a bit of a mockery of the 1 per person limit! 


Lets Hope the Full name one and the ones signed Elton are both Signed by Elton John and not a ghost signer as they are signed with a different pen and Elton looks a bit different to me - what do other people think? ! 

The ones in the video are just "Elton" but as I say he could easily have just got bored of signing his full name!

They are all signed by Elton, 100%.

Should I be concerned that I have not received a shipping notification yet?  My order history still says "Confirmed" but nothing about a shipment

Does it say "processed" - I've got mine and that's all mine says. "Delivery 1 of 1 Processed"

So you never got an email shipping notification?  Yes, it says "Delivery 1 of 1 Processed" over on the right side of order history.  Appreciate the help!  These are beautiful pieces for the price

No, I did get one - late last night and it came this morning but there's no change to the status beyond "processed" in the online store, IE there's no "shipped" status you're missing.

Mine says the same, processed, no shipping notification. Ordered 6pm Wednesday 

I just got my shipping notification this morning from Elton store and had gotten order in well before sell out. We’ll see how much to ship to US from the UK mailbox thing (thanks for tip on that to those that suggested).

let me know how much your charge is, I am still waiting for the dua lipa signed version before I ship but if I did it right then the charge is close to $45 to the U.S



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