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Available from Selfridges Corner Shop this Friday - not clear if they’ll be on the website also but assuming this is London in store only

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even if elton continues to sign his autograph value will never go down. it has only risen. he’s getting up there too! hope it does though so we can get them but i doubt it will go that way! 

This may have something to do with why it’s gone this way .. those were not your regular “flippers”.. they called themselves “professional resellers”… this was no different for them than Nike Trainers X-Box,branded goods 

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Bunch of losers. Can’t even spell “resale.” Explains a lot.

The people buying them at £999 are as big a problem as those selling ,im hoping nobody else jumps at these prices and they drop like a stone those kind of people want a quick profit they wont hold their nerve for long, fingers x the fans who want one can 



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