How about this signature on “Reg Strikes Back” lp?

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That looks good to me! 

Thanks Adam.  I appreciate your thoughts!


I believe this one is authentic

I agree with Adam and Terrier. This is authentic in my opinion. 

Thanks Terrier and Classic Rock.  It looks like he found the right spot on the album to sign as it appears to be a pretty clean signature.

Very nice one!

Hi Daniel.  Do you own this signed EJ album?  I've been working on compiling a collection of signed Elton albums for quite a while.  If you own this and would be interested in discussing a sale, I'm game.  If you don't own this and don't intend to purchase it, I'd be interested in knowing where you found it.  Thanks!  Chris

Hi Christopher, I am in the “negotiation stage” now. Looking to add it to my collection though.

Here is mine with "Best wishes". Obtained in person here in Helsinki 1976.

Very nice, Juha.  Thanks for sharing!

Yes, very nice Juha!  And to have obtained that in-person must have been a thrill.  I just love Elton's 1970's era signature done in ballpoint pen or biro as I believe our friends in the UK call it.  So very cool.  Here is my Elton John autographed Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Album. Absolutely his best work in my opinion. 

Thanks! :)




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