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is it authentic?

considering it is not 50s era do you think it is overpriced?

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This looks very good to me. It originally came from Marcus who is a great seller, with a great reputation. Items from a good auction house in London, South Kensington, probably Christie’s.

Rare items and maybe at £4,800 slightly overpriced, but a great display!

It is real in my opinion too. Looks like it was signed in 68. And Markus Brandes is a very serious seller. But really overpriced I think. At the Graceland Auction January 6, 2018 some Elvis Autographs sold from 1000 up tp 4000 Dollar. Like Richard Booth said: Great display.

I've seen these singed cards years ago.

They are genuine

They are overpriced 

plus one.  talk about over priced though

I haven't seen though another example with a photo proof of Elvis signing an autograph..

Have you ever encountered another case like this ?

A signed programme sold a couple of years ago (signed on three of the photo pages), with photo proof and with the programme in Elvis’ hand!

How much did this sell for ? Can you please send me a link or a photo of the item with the photo ?

Is this also ineed overpriced? The ticket alone goes for 800$

I am not so sure about the cigar included as we can see on the link below that the the guy lights up the cigar Elvis is holding ? Maybe he did give one to the fan ? I dont know..




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