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Hello all,

This letter keeps appearing, I've seen it sold on Shpock, ebay twice now (it was previously sold with a 'buy it now' of £100.00) If googled it's easy to find. I just wondered if anybody knew the story behind it and why it keeps appearing at varying prices! Would appreciate your thoughts.

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£100 is less than a tenth of what a real one is worth—which it is not IMO.

Hello Steve,

Thanks, that's what first drew my attention to it and I searched google and it kept cropping up, it's currently somewhere over the £500.00 mark astonishingly!

Best regards,


It does keep cropping up. It sold for $900 on Invaluable on Oct. 31, 2020.


Thanks Steve, very strange indeed!! It's certainly done (or doing) some air miles.

Take a close look at the spelling and grammar

Never mind the nonsensical content it's obviously composed by someone whose first language was not English

To be polite it's so poor as to collapse in on itself when given even a cursory analysis

The European forgers strike again

Hello Don,

To be honest I didn't really read it, I was just shocked to see how many times it had been up for sale and saw the certificate with it.I really just thought the signature looked ok. It is currently up to somewhere over £500.00

Many thanks for replying,


A letter to „Colver city“ to Col.Parker with Elvis signature?

No, thank you. Stay away from it. 

Hi Karsten,

Thank you, I didn't notice all the mistakes to start with, I was tempted when I first saw it and then saw how many times it has been sold in the past! Very suspicious.

Best regards,




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