Hi folks. New to the forum, but long time collector. To me, this early ‘55/‘56 era Elvis was a slam dunk. It’s even PSA encapsulated. For the heck of it, I submitted to BAS/Beckett quick opinion and they failed it. So who got it wrong, PSA or BAS? I think BAS screwed up on this one, would love some opinions.

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No one ?

The PSA Encapsulation was for Grading Only. Not for authentication. Read the Label.

Do you have any idea what you’re talking about? They graded the auto. It’s a photograph. They encapsulated it as authentic. 

anyone who actually understand grading please respond. 

Where does it says authentic on the PSA label??? 

Comprehend the label.......

Ok!!! Here is a Frank Sinatra autograph that is encapsulated by Beckett that is on the Bay. Is this authentic?? It is really confusing. :(

In my opinion, this Frank Sinatra signature is NOT authentic.

i dont think its genuine either

I’m not great with Elvis, but it looks like an authentic example to me too from the back of a photo. Here’s mine from the back of a ‘56 promo photo:

I moved this to the Elvis forum.

If it’s PSA/DNA they did authenticate the autograph.  It can be confusing because with PSA, the card division, trading cards are guaranteed for grade and authenticity but the autographs are not guaranteed unless they’re Signed in the Presence. They will not cert an autograph they don’t believe is authentic.

Do you believe the Elvis to be authentic Steve?



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