Do you think that the attached photograph of an Elvis signature I recently purchased is genuine or a fake.  I was told it was written July 20th 1975 at the Scope Convention Centre, although I have no proof of this. 

I do know that the COA that came with it means nothing.

Would be glad of your opinions. 

Thank you.

Diane UK


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you have to take what you read on google for what it is worth.  I know several very qualified authenticators that have had negative things written about them, and there is nothing they can do about it.  You are correct, to be 100% certain, you have to see it signed, but that would severely limit your collection. So we have to study the signatures ourselves, rule out the obvious forgeries, and then rely on someone with more knowledge than us to provide a final opinion.  sometimes mistakes are made, no doubt. But in your case, unfortunately, there is not much debate.  It is not an authentic Elvis signature.

here is a pretty good study on Elvis signatures:

Not Elvis, as noted already.

Diane just joined on April 24 and I don't provide enough instructions or orientation.

"mamma bayba" scarf thrower certainly didn't sign that, It's as plain as the nose on your face!


I don't think you said who you bought it from. That may help you get a refund willingly from the dealer.

You're a dissatisfied customer, so the dealer should agree to refund your money now in any case. If he'll allow you to return it to him now, none of us will know who the dealer is. If he makes you go through hoops to get a refund, then you may need our help getting your money back. In that case we'll need to know who the dealer is to give you the help you need.

I'd like to know who it is so we can warn other fans and collectors, but getting your money back is more important to me. 

Diane, hope you don’t feel like you got baptized in the frying pan, but everyone here just wants to help.  Hopefully you’ll get a refund.  Once you do, you should start your quest for another Elvis autograph.  When you find one you like at the price you like, go ahead and post it here first, and you’ll get many reliable opinions.  Then once you get a consensus of thumbs up, lay your cc down, or your PayPal, and buy that Hound Dog!

Thank you James

I agree.  Diane is obviously new and is seeking the right avenue (here) to get opinions.  I don't feel as if she was "attacking" Roger, just merely stating what she was told and what her research told her. No need to jump on a "newbie". Isn't that what we are all here for ? To help educate the people in need ?

Having said that, and having been down this road myself, Elvis can be very tricky regarding opinions.  My feeling is that this is not authentic and to seek a refund.  Keep reading here, educate yourself and continue your search.  I know how frustrating this can be but, in the end, you will be happy and confident with your next purchase.

Can I ask how much you paid for this ?  Price is sometimes a good indicator of it's authenticity.  When the price is too good to be true, it probably isn't !

My two cents...

Thank you Rfitzz for being someone I feel i can talk to.

Can I just say it cost be a lot of money.  Which is making this so much worse, I let my heart rule instead of  my head.  Can I ask you about the UACC I guess their opinion is not worth anything either.  I feel a right fool.  I was told it was examined by a forensic examiner and also provided with 3rd party authenticity.  BUT I guess this means nothing in this world.

Diane, anytime you read or hear the word "Forensics," run the other way.

I don't know of any "Forensic Authenticator" that actually knows autographs...

Not one...

The ones that I am aware of either scammers or totally incompetent.

I agree re: forensics.  Diane, unfortunately, there are only a few people that I would trust (although everyone makes mistakes)… Rich Consola, Roger Epperson being two of them.  You can get a quick opinion from either of them for a fairly low cost.  I hope you have an avenue for getting a refund and you may help your case by having one of the "experts" above reject it (if they do).  Hope it works for you.



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