Elvis signed Postcard at the back. What do you all think? Real? Thanks.

Elvis Presley. 

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I've compared it to a real certified JSA Elvis autograph

Looks like it was real. 

for me too but Let's see what the others think, who have more experience with elvis autographs

IMHO... Honestly, I don't like Elvis' autographs from Germany (too many fakes), however I think this one could be real...

But I wouldn't buy it, I don't feel confident on 100% with this one, because I see some atypical moments in word "Presley".

Many Elvis are fake from Germany... 

Yeah... But this one doesn't looks like an obvious fake.

You are right Mr Mojo Risin that many Elvis Autographs from Germany are fake. But Elvis wrote a lot himself in Germany at his home at the gate. This one looks real in my opinion. And it is a very nice one. 

Thank you all. 

Some more opinions? Thank you all.



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