OK guys, here is my latest outing. I think most long time autograph hounds and educated collectors know of these already but I wanted to bring these up.

Eric is one the hardest autographs in music. He used to be cool in the 90's but these days he's almost impossible. I keep seeing these same forgeries and PSA tends to pass them as real.

Everyone how has ever gotten autographs in person knows how signatures can change over the years and Eric Clapton's has morphed more then about anyone else's.

At first I thought these were secretarials but not I have doubts. I think these are just Hollywood BLVD forgeries now long dead but still floating around.

See the ebay links.

I can go on and on...

Notice all the different dates, not only did he never sign like this period but he didn't maintain this over half a decade or longer. And the nail in the coffin is his date hand writing. See this index card, this is how Eric (and most British people) write their 9's. They start from the middle, go left - up and around and back down. The fakes all start from the top. This is very telling. You can root out most Clapton fakes based on this alone.

Real one with the correct hand writing.

I have a couple more common forgery styles that passed off as real too. But this is a start.

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The 8x10's I believe were sent out by his record company and all signed by a secretary 

That is what I was going to say, Roger has one on his site that he has deemed to be authentic however. It does look different from the secretary signed images. 

I've seen a couple of real ones signed by Eric Clapton. One was on eBay last year and went for around $350 but there don't seem to be a lot of real ones

Are you talking about the real TTM ones?

I agree and disagree. He did have a secretary sign some but some were also real. The "real" secretarial signatures had the proper British number formation because his secretary was also British. The rest as I have posted here do not match her hand writing and it does not make sense that over the date range of the apparent signatures that she or he would flip flop between American and British numerical handwriting. Here is one I know was from the mail showing the correct hand writing at least. The rest, as I have show, are American forgeries from forgers who are dumb enough to think the British secretarial versions were real.

Here is the secretarial.... with proper British hand writing. The rest are all forgeries.

I agree that many forgers have copied the secretarial ones for years and at one point a lot of eBay was flooded with the fakes. I have seen a couple of genuine ones signed by EC himself on promotional photos. I don't know if these were signed TTM or in person

Ya, there were real TTM's for sure

Do you think this one is real? 

I also want to add that I know most seasoned people here know that Eric sent out many ghost signed items. What I wanted to point out is that forgers copied his secretarial for some time and now there are so many, a lot of people actually think they are real. Even top authenticators. This is just a reminder.

However the one the Adam pointed out on Epperson site is a real one.

Keep up the good work N. , anytime someone shines a light on the differences between authentic, secretarial, and forged signatures it is beneficial! I was looking at a lot of different "Clapton's" (quation for real and forged) recently and there is for sure a ton of fakes out there. 

The Stiegs authentication service. Great stuff.

I would never want the job. I have the benefit of context. Roger Epperson just has the signature and nothing else 99% of the time. I just wish given this that PSA and Rog would be willing to give them a refund and just admit something is "un-determinable". I feel that that there is a huge gray area here with the sharpie age.



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